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June 30 2015

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June 03 2015

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June 02 2015

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Hard work causes stress, poor health and early death – above all, it has never solved poverty. We work longer hours now than we’ve done for fifty years, yet the gap between the rich and poor has never been wider. Working hard cannot solve an economic crisis. The fact we are all expected to work so hard is in fact a result of economic crisis: a crisis that did not appear in 2008, but has been with us far longer. This is the crisis at the heart of capitalism: a tension between the 1 percent who control the economy, and want to continually increase their wealth, and the rest of us, who are expected to work ever harder, in order to generate profit and to keep us from occupying our time in meaningful ways like questioning or challenging the status quo.
— from Strike! Magazine article by Selina Todd – Fuck Your Hard Work (via relivingthe80s)
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May 30 2015

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I want to have a pancake fight! Who’s in?!

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This is actually fairly accurate.

don’t forget metal


Cookie Monster

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Andre François
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October 06 2014

How to open a beer with a banana
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October 05 2014

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July 13 2014

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